Re-energising the Quality Profession

I have known Govind Ramu since 2005 or so. We connected on the prospect of bringing the American Society for Quality (ASQ) to India. That partnership worked and stayed strong. Govind is an ASQ Fellow, a Crosby Medal winner, has multiple ASQ Certifications and is among the most published authors in Quality Progress. He is... Continue Reading →

Book 1:1 Coaching on

I am available for 1:1 coaching on as your mid-career coach. I am a quality management professional and a coach for mid-career professionals. Over the last few years, I have coached and counselled hundreds of mid-career professionals to 'unstuck' their careers. I can help with overcoming inertia, imposter syndrome, job search, goal setting, execution,... Continue Reading →

Book Summaries and Reviews

Every week I try and review a book. I usually read multiple books at a time and as I complete one (or get close to completing one) I challenge myself to write a summary. Writing helps me summarise the key lessons and it's then easier to share. I usually share on Mondays on LinkedIn. Here... Continue Reading →

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