Wisdom for Startups from Grownups

https://open.spotify.com/episode/22Cw5T5UWLoj3IczOnQDnj?si=bce9207c17704046 https://youtu.be/GhX-ecW03Mg Giving up control and raining money is the first act of humility from an enterpreuner. Not my words but wisdom coming from grownups - R Gopalakrishnan (Gopal) and Naru Narayanan. Earlier today I spoke with both these distinguished leaders on Wisdom for Startups by Grownup based on their recent book by the same name. The show... Continue Reading →

LinkedIn for Personal Branding

On 10 July, I hosted a #managebetter show with #personalbranding experts Sakshi Chandraakar and Sri Ram Kumar C on #LinkedIn for Personal Branding. This was my highest registered (1500+) show and even though I had a major issue with streaming on LinkedIn many of stayed on and caught the show on #YouTube and #twitter . I am grateful for your sustained interest and support. So what were the top... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Shows

17 July | 1100 IST | Wisdom for Startups from Grownups - R Gopalakrishnan is ex Vice Chairman of Hindustan Unilever and Director of Tata Sons and an Author now. Naru Narayanan is an Angel Investor. They have written a book together called Wisdom for Startups from Grownups. We will discuss lessons of a lifetime... Continue Reading →

OKR – the why, what, and how of OKRs

#OKRs entered the business lexicon with the publication of #measurewhatmatters by John Doerr. Many small and large companies have now adopted OKRs and are achieving their #objectivesandkeyresults I recently spoke to three of India's top minds on OKRs - Vaidyanathan of OKR Stars, Sienam Lulla of OKR Edge, and Senthil Rajagopalan of Profit on my LinkedIn and YouTube show - Manage Better. The show had... Continue Reading →

Impact of Quality

Subir Chowdhury is a leading management consultant and bestselling author and is hailed by the New York Times as 'the leading quality expert' and by the Business week as 'The Quality Prophet'.  He has authored 15 books on quality and management. His company, ASI Consulting Group, LLC, advises CEOs and Senior Leaders of many of... Continue Reading →

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