Upcoming show: Crucial conversations at work

#crucialconversations are those awkward and difficult conversations that we must have but always struggle with. And more often than not, our success and progress hinge on these conversations. Conversations about a difficult to work with colleagues, promotion, not liking what we are doing, giving feedback that helps, feeling stuck, behavioural issues, and much more. We all... Continue Reading →

Wisdom for Startups from Grownups

https://open.spotify.com/episode/22Cw5T5UWLoj3IczOnQDnj?si=bce9207c17704046 https://youtu.be/GhX-ecW03Mg Giving up control and raining money is the first act of humility from an enterpreuner. Not my words but wisdom coming from grownups - R Gopalakrishnan (Gopal) and Naru Narayanan. Earlier today I spoke with both these distinguished leaders on Wisdom for Startups by Grownup based on their recent book by the same name. The show... Continue Reading →

LinkedIn for Personal Branding

On 10 July, I hosted a #managebetter show with #personalbranding experts Sakshi Chandraakar and Sri Ram Kumar C on #LinkedIn for Personal Branding. This was my highest registered (1500+) show and even though I had a major issue with streaming on LinkedIn many of stayed on and caught the show on #YouTube and #twitter . I am grateful for your sustained interest and support. So what were the top... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Shows

17 July | 1100 IST | Wisdom for Startups from Grownups - R Gopalakrishnan is ex Vice Chairman of Hindustan Unilever and Director of Tata Sons and an Author now. Naru Narayanan is an Angel Investor. They have written a book together called Wisdom for Startups from Grownups. We will discuss lessons of a lifetime... Continue Reading →

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