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Friends, some of you have asked for a list of all my podcasts till now. Thankfully buzzsprout makes a page with all episodes listed. Here is the link The page also has links to popular players such as Apple, Spotify, and Google if you want to subscribe. And of course most episodes are also on my youtube channel.... Continue Reading →

Digital Transformation Roadmap

\I spoke recently with Nina Muhleisen of Three6, a digital transformation consulting firm based in Melbourne. In this episode of my #managebetter#podcast I speak with Nina Muhleisen, founder and principal consultant at three6 a Digital Transformation specialist in Melbourne. We discussed a #roadmap for #digitalbusinesstransformation and Nina shared concepts and anecdotes on what works well. Nina also shares a roadmap that she uses with her clients... Continue Reading →

Anshuman Tiwari

Anshuman is a process transformation professional with experience across multiple industries including banking, professional services, information technology, manufacturing, and consulting. He specializes in setting up and scaling world class operations excellence programs. Anshuman is driven by impact and loves to lead people to deliver amazing results, usually 10x or more. In the last few years... Continue Reading →

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