OKR – the why, what, and how of OKRs

#OKRs entered the business lexicon with the publication of #measurewhatmatters by John Doerr. Many small and large companies have now adopted OKRs and are achieving their #objectivesandkeyresults I recently spoke to three of India's top minds on OKRs - Vaidyanathan of OKR Stars, Sienam Lulla of OKR Edge, and Senthil Rajagopalan of Profit on my LinkedIn and YouTube show - Manage Better. The show had... Continue Reading →

Impact of Quality

Subir Chowdhury is a leading management consultant and bestselling author and is hailed by the New York Times as 'the leading quality expert' and by the Business week as 'The Quality Prophet'.  He has authored 15 books on quality and management. His company, ASI Consulting Group, LLC, advises CEOs and Senior Leaders of many of... Continue Reading →

Checklists for Productivity with Paula Rizzo

Recently Paula Rizzo and I discussed tips to become more productive with a special focus on Lists. Spotify and YouTube links on this page. You can also find the episode on all popular podcast players. Some key points from the talk: - Using lists to become more productive - getting more done- Making a just enough list- Timing your own... Continue Reading →

Why do an MBA?

Prof. Dr Monica Khanna is one of India's leading Management Educators and Director of the K J Somaiya Institue of Management. She is often invited to share her views on improving management education in India and has won several awards in a glittering career. In this episode we explore the question - Why do an MBA? And... Continue Reading →

Innovation tips from Tata Group

Ravi Arora was my guest for my LinkedIn Live show this week. He is head of Innovation at Tata Group and is responsible for several innovative programs. We explored: - Innovation needs to be defined by the company as context is critical- Product innovation tends to get more limelight than process innovation as process related innovation does not... Continue Reading →

Present and Future of Quality with Satyendra Kumar

On Linkedin | Buzzsprout | YouTube Last week, I spoke with Satyendra Kumar the ex head of Quality and Productivity at Infosys. Kumar is a legend in the #Quality arena. There are very few people who can claim to have injected #Quality in the DNA of two leading organizations - #Tata and #Infosys. He is globally respected leader famous for his insight into... Continue Reading →

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