Re-energising the Quality Profession

I have known Govind Ramu since 2005 or so. We connected on the prospect of bringing the American Society for Quality (ASQ) to India. That partnership worked and stayed strong. Govind is an ASQ Fellow, a Crosby Medal winner, has multiple ASQ Certifications and is among the most published authors in Quality Progress. He is well-placed to talk about re-energising the quality profession. He is now my next guest on my show Manage Better. Saturday, 1 October | 1100 to 1200 hrs IST | Live on LinkedIn and YouTube YouTube: | Linkedin: If you are in or are…

Book 1:1 Coaching on

I am available for 1:1 coaching on as your mid-career coach. I am a quality management professional and a coach for mid-career professionals. Over the last few years, I have coached and counselled hundreds of mid-career professionals to ‘unstuck’ their careers. I can help with overcoming inertia, imposter syndrome, job search, goal setting, execution, and career shift related discussions. If you feel ‘stuck’ in mid-career I can help you ‘unstuck’

Book Summaries and Reviews

Every week I try and review a book. I usually read multiple books at a time and as I complete one (or get close to completing one) I challenge myself to write a summary. Writing helps me summarise the key lessons and it’s then easier to share. I usually share on Mondays on LinkedIn. Here is a list from the last few months. Hoping you like. Links to LinkedIn are in book titles. Happy reading.

Qualitist Show – 2 April

Qualtist Show episode 9 coming up on Saturday, 2 April, at 1100 IST. Live. Join Balaji S Reddie and Anshuman Tiwari as they talk to a distinguished Qualitist, ūĚźÉūĚźę ūĚźÄūĚźßūĚź®ūĚź®ūĚź© ūĚźćūĚźĘūĚź†ūĚźįūĚźěūĚź§ūĚźöūĚźę as part of a Live series for Qimpro. YouTube: | LinkedIn: Previous experts on the show include Dr Parag Rindani, Sumant Sood, Dr Sunil Gupta, Shailesh Ghodekar, Dr Sumanshree, Devraj Chattaraj, Dr. Jagadish Barik, and Sachin Garg. Please register to receive alerts and access archives.

More options to connect with me ūüôā

Thank you for visiting my website. Here are some additional ways you can connect with me: YouTube: Spotify: Twitter: LinkedIn Newsletter: Revue Newsletter: Instagram: Facebook: Website: I share content themed on Manage Better where I believe that all of us can improve one day at a time. You can expect to see interviews from leading authors, book summaries, and engaging podcasts. Hoping to engage with you over these platforms and grateful for the opportunity. Regards,Anshuman

Next Show: 13 Nov, Saturday. 1100 IST. Why and what of Executive coachin

Executive Coaching is now an established profession. But what is it? How does it work? Why do we even need coaching? And how should we select a Coach.I will be speaking to Gowri Ramani, a leading coach and ICF board member on the Why and What of Coaching. Do join in if you want to know more about Coaching. 13 November, Saturday | 1100 hrs IST | LinkedIn | YouTube | The show is also on all major Podcast Players. Just search for Manage Better with Anshuman Tiwari.

Meet Dr Sunil Gupta – Qualitist and DeBono Liftetime Master Trainer

Balaji S Reddie and I spoke with Dr Sunil Gupta as part of our #Qualitist series on behalf of Qimpro Foundation. Dr Gupta is one of the five global lifetime master trainers on #DeBono methods, trained by the master himself. It does not get bigger than him in the field of creativity and innovation. He started his career in Quality and remains a passionate Qualitist. Here are some key points from the hour-long highly educative chat. Quality is not enough. We need Creativity and Innovation to make an impact. These subjects are all interrelated and interdependent. DeBono’s methods help us improve our thinking processes and if used‚Ķ

Crucial Conversations at Work

I recently spoke to Shammi Pant to discuss how to identify and tackle Crucial Conversations at Work. Here are some key points from the talk: 1. Crucial conversations become crucial when opinions vary, stakes are high, and emotions run high 2. Like all skills, we can improve how we identify and tackle such conversations. Preparation helps 3. Self-awareness and introspection help us prepare. 4. We face such conversations often. At work and in personal life. Taking a deep breath. Pausing. Assessing our mindset is critical. 5. Confrontation may help you win the day but could lose you the war. Of course,…

Life transformation through running – Coach Pramod

Pramod Deshpande, chief coach of Jayanagar Jaguars, India’s leading Running Academy. Coach has trained over 7000 working professionals to pick endurance running as a hobby. The event was live on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Unedited video attached. I will share smaller edited videos later this week. Some gems from the talk: 1. Human species has survived and thrived because it was active. And #running comes naturally to us. We are designed that way. 2. Running is not just about stamina and strength. There are four systems at work – Mental/Brain, Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Muscle and bones. 3. Just as in our careers, progress‚Ķ

Wisdom for Startups from Grownups

Giving up control and raining money is the first act of humility from an enterpreuner. Not my words but wisdom coming from grownups –¬†R Gopalakrishnan (Gopal)¬†and¬†Naru Narayanan. Earlier today I spoke with both these distinguished leaders on Wisdom for Startups by Grownup based on their recent book by the same name. The show was live on my channel. Top moments from the session: 1. Shinise and Corporate Ayurveda: the principles of a long healthy life are universal and it is the same for an organisation. Organisations can last long and should aim to do so. 2. Minohoda, is Japanese for‚Ķ

LinkedIn for Personal Branding

On 10 July, I hosted a¬†#managebetter¬†show with¬†#personalbranding¬†experts¬†Sakshi Chandraakar¬†and¬†Sri Ram Kumar C¬†on¬†#LinkedIn¬†for Personal Branding. This was my highest registered (1500+) show and even though I had a major issue with streaming on LinkedIn many of stayed on and caught the show on #YouTube and #twitter . I am grateful for your sustained interest and support. So what were the top lessons from the show: 1. Find your Why? Why are you on LinkedIn? Who is your audience? What is your purpose? 2. Do not chase numbers. Becoming consistently visible on LinkedIn is an organic process and if your content resonates with your audience they will‚Ķ

Winning in the Digital Age with Nitin Seth

I recently spoke with Nitin Seth on my show Manage Better. The show was live on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter and over 250 people watched it live. Here is a recording of the entire 45 mins chat. My top moments from the chat: 1. We are in the Digital Age already and it is getting more #digital 2. Almost all #transformation today is #digitalbusinesstransformation or tech-enabled. 3. #digitisation is critical to #digital and large government enterprises have a huge opportunity to leapfrog generations of tech. 4. The new age #entrepreneur out of India could truly solve a global problem. This is true #globalisation 5. Nitin’s top favourite books of all time – The Srimad‚Ķ

Suresh Lulla – A Quality Journey. A Qualitist Future

Last week Balaji S Reddie of the #Deming forum, and I spoke to our guru and mentor Suresh Lulla on my show Manage Better. This was the season finale show and was totally worth it. Mr Lulla is a legend and the foremost Quality teacher and consultant we have. A disciple of Dr J M #Juran, in this one-hour interaction he shared nuggets never heard before in public. Key points included: 1. How he started as an Economist, a reluctant one, but always had his head and heart in Quality2. After being told he was over-qualified for the job he had applied for at #TCS he joined consulting firms3.‚Ķ

Building a worthwhile Vision with Dr Oleg Konovolov

Dr. Oleg Konovalov and I met up yesterday for my LinkedIn Live show – Manage Better. Oleg is called the Da Vinci of Visionary Leadership. Oleg is on the Thinkers50 and is #1 Global Thought Leader on Culture as rated by Thinkers 360. He shared lessons he learnt across his teaching and while writing the bestseller – The Vision Code. Some key lessons 1. Vision is a Responsibility. A commitment to a better future.2. Be clear about your WHY3. Vision comes when we are in consciousness about the benefit to others. It’s actions beyond the Self.4. If all of us get‚Ķ

OKR – the why, what, and how of OKRs

#OKRs entered the business lexicon with the publication of #measurewhatmatters by John Doerr. Many small and large companies have now adopted OKRs and are achieving their #objectivesandkeyresults I recently spoke to three of India’s top minds on OKRs – Vaidyanathan of OKR Stars, Sienam Lulla of OKR Edge, and Senthil Rajagopalan of Profit on my LinkedIn and YouTube show – Manage Better. The show had over 1000 registrations/subscriptions and was my most watched show to date. A quick summary: 1. OKRs are a¬†#management¬†method to help teams and companies achieve their¬†#objectives.2.¬†#Keyresults¬†are the ‘how much’ that was missing in earlier approaches that focus mainly on the ‘how’.3. Spreadsheets are not enough to‚Ķ

Impact of Quality

Subir Chowdhury is a leading management consultant and bestselling author and is hailed by the New York Times as ‘the leading quality expert’ and by the Business week as ‘The Quality Prophet’.  He has authored 15 books on quality and management. His company, ASI Consulting Group, LLC, advises CEOs and Senior Leaders of many of the world’s largest corporations.  His book THE POWER OF SIX SIGMA is a global bestseller and translated in more than 20 languages. Subir’s 15th book is the USA TODAY BESTSELLER ‘THE DIFFERENCE: When Good Enough Isn’t Enough’. More on him at I spoke with‚Ķ

Checklists for Productivity with Paula Rizzo

Recently Paula Rizzo¬†and I discussed tips to become more¬†productive¬†with a special focus on¬†Lists. Spotify and YouTube links on this page. You can also find the episode on all popular podcast players. Some key points from the talk: – Using lists to become more productive – getting more done- Making a just enough list- Timing your own tasks so you can schedule and plan accordingly- Being kind and mindful- Why not everything is urgent- Relying on memory to remember your tasks is not a good idea! And much more. Paula is an Emmy Award-winning TV producer and also an author of two best-selling‚Ķ

Why do an MBA?

Prof. Dr Monica Khanna is one of India’s leading Management Educators and Director of the K J Somaiya Institue of Management. She is often invited to share her views on improving management education in India and has won several awards in a glittering career. In this episode we explore the question – Why do an MBA? And if you do, then how to make the most of it? Listen in for Prof. Monica’s thoughts around: Why an MBA is even more important today than it ever was. You get educated for life and build a world-view and confidence to explore the world.‚Ķ

Innovation tips from Tata Group

Ravi Arora was my guest for my LinkedIn Live show this week. He is head of Innovation at Tata Group and is responsible for several innovative programs. We explored: РInnovation needs to be defined by the company as context is critical- Product innovation tends to get more limelight than process innovation as process related innovation does not find a mention in the financial statements- B2C innovation is noticed more than the ones in B2B- What is needed to support innovation programs. It is certainly not money- Innovators need parents at work kind of support. Remember when we taught our kids how to ride a…

Kindness at the Workplace – Nirmala Mehandale

It’s Christmas time folks! A time to cherish and allow the kindness in us to blossom. In true Christmas spirit I recently spoke with Nirmala Mehandale, President of the World Kindness Movement. Listen in for a quick reminder on why we need to be kind and how. We also discussed how we can be kinder at the workplace. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And thanks for being kind. YouTube – Podcast also available on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google. Let me know if you need help in subscribing. All episodes on YouTube at and Podcast on‚Ķ

Effective Professional Networking tips from Pankaj Rai

Pankaj Rai (He/Him) is like any of us. He works for Wells Fargo. Has a day job and does it well. But he is different. He is a maser networker and has made professional networking into an art and science. I spoke to Pankaj recently to understand his Why and How of Networking. It is available on #buzzsprout and other leading players. Buzzsprout link is in the post and other links are: Apple | Spotify | Google | Buzzsprout Pankaj is a master networker with a difference. He seeks to help and give first. And there lies the key to networking! Some…

Present and Future of Quality with Satyendra Kumar

On Linkedin | Buzzsprout | YouTube Last week, I spoke with Satyendra Kumar the ex head of Quality and Productivity at Infosys. Kumar is a legend in the #Quality arena. There are very few people who can claim to have injected #Quality in the DNA of two leading organizations – #Tata and #Infosys. He is globally respected leader famous for his insight into how companies work. His unique perspective of bringing Business Acumen to Quality is a legacy we all benefit from. His true legacy however is a group of quality and performance excellence professionals who are now helping large local and global companies take his message forward.‚Ķ

Effective Communication and Public Speaking with Aalok Gupta

The¬†#managebetter ¬†podcast hosted Aalok Gupta¬†a speaker of international repute and master public speaker. Aalok is one of the most effective communicators I know. He has straddled atleast five career changes and mastered them all. His passion for helping people achieve their potential is unmissable when you talk to him. He is an award winning speaker and public speaking coach. His advice includes how to speak with clarity, context, and confidence. He has shared tips on prioritizing sound over image and embracing the #toastmasters program to get better. No one learnt swimming by reading. Everyone has to practice it. It is the same‚Ķ

Customer Centricity with Debashis Sarkar

In this episode I speak to Debashis Sarkar globally renowned consultant in quality and customer centricity. Listen to the chat. For earlier episodes and alerts to new ones please subscribe to my podcast. It is now available on Apple, Google, and Spotify.

Executive Presence

Thank you all. This masterclass with India’s top¬†Executive Presence¬†coach,¬†Shital Kakkar Mehra¬†has crossed over 100 downloads on both my podcast and YouTube. If you wanted to: – know what is Executive Presence and why does it matter- need tips on improving your EP in general- want tips on improving EP across the three stages of your career then, you should listen to Shital. In case you have missed it here are the links: Podcast – YouTube link Look for ‘Manage Better with Anshuman Tiwari’ on Apple, Google, and Spotify podcasts to Subscribe for this and other episodes.

Match Fit for Transformation

In this 30 min conversation with¬†Nigel Adams¬†we talk about how being matchfit for transformation is even more important than the transformation itself. Coming from a veteran of many successful¬†transformation¬†programs these are wise words. If you are in the field of making change happen then you can’t miss this episode.

Podcast Archive

Friends, some of you have asked for a list of all my podcasts till now. Thankfully buzzsprout makes a page with all episodes listed. Here is the link The page also has links to popular players such as Apple, Spotify, and Google if you want to subscribe. And of course most episodes are also on my youtube channel. Delighted and grateful with the encouragement so far. Will manage better.

Digital Transformation Roadmap

\I spoke recently with Nina Muhleisen of Three6, a digital transformation consulting firm based in Melbourne. In this episode of my¬†#managebetter#podcast¬†I speak with¬†Nina Muhleisen, founder and principal consultant at¬†three6¬†a¬†Digital Transformation¬†specialist in Melbourne. We discussed a #roadmap for #digitalbusinesstransformation and Nina shared concepts and anecdotes on what works well. Nina also shares a roadmap that she uses with her clients and also shares examples of how to implement the roadmap. Some insights: 1. You don’t need a definition of Digital Transformation. You need #execution2. Start small. Assess current situation and customize the plan.3. Digitization precedes Digital Transformation.4. 100 day plans work the best. Build and deploy.‚Ķ

Anshuman Tiwari

Anshuman is a process transformation professional with experience across multiple industries including banking, professional services, information technology, manufacturing, and consulting. He specializes in setting up and scaling world class operations excellence programs. Anshuman is driven by impact and loves to lead people to deliver amazing results, usually 10x or more. In the last few years he has also managed large RPA and Digital initiatives. He is a fellow of the ASQ.

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