Meet Dr Sunil Gupta – Qualitist and DeBono Liftetime Master Trainer

Balaji S Reddie and I spoke with Dr Sunil Gupta as part of our #Qualitist series on behalf of Qimpro Foundation. Dr Gupta is one of the five global lifetime master trainers on #DeBono methods, trained by the master himself. It does not get bigger than him in the field of creativity and innovation. He started his career in Quality and remains a passionate Qualitist.

Here are some key points from the hour-long highly educative chat.

Quality is not enough. We need Creativity and Innovation to make an impact. These subjects are all interrelated and interdependent.

DeBono’s methods help us improve our thinking processes and if used properly they lead to outstanding results

Quality is not enough. Creativity is not enough. Innovation is not enough. We have to keep applying all these methods and continue to make an impact.

Younger people entering the Quality profession, should focus on learning and applying the learning. All this comes in handy later in your career.

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