Crucial Conversations at Work

I recently spoke to Shammi Pant to discuss how to identify and tackle Crucial Conversations at Work. Here are some key points from the talk:

1. Crucial conversations become crucial when opinions vary, stakes are high, and emotions run high

2. Like all skills, we can improve how we identify and tackle such conversations. Preparation helps

3. Self-awareness and introspection help us prepare.

4. We face such conversations often. At work and in personal life. Taking a deep breath. Pausing. Assessing our mindset is critical.

5. Confrontation may help you win the day but could lose you the war.

Of course, in some rare situations, the culture is toxic and there is malice in the air. Such a situation needs a decision, not a conversation.

Shammi Pant is co-founder of and is an expert in effective communications. You can watch the entire episode on YouTube at and podcast version on Spotify at

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