Life transformation through running – Coach Pramod

Pramod Deshpande, chief coach of Jayanagar Jaguars, India’s leading Running Academy. Coach has trained over 7000 working professionals to pick endurance running as a hobby.

The event was live on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Unedited video attached. I will share smaller edited videos later this week.

Some gems from the talk:

1. Human species has survived and thrived because it was active. And #running comes naturally to us. We are designed that way.

2. Running is not just about stamina and strength. There are four systems at work – Mental/Brain, Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Muscle and bones.

3. Just as in our careers, progress in running is slow and the steady and diligent are rewarded. Working on strength, stamina, balance, and rhythm is critical to improving performance.

4. While minor injuries will happen as we build strength, no major long term injury happens because of running. Most are due to improper preparation or over-ambition.

5. Running in a community or group helps to stay motivated and it’s easier to follow a plan. This is especially important also for women runners from a safety point of view.

We also had TCM Sundaram, ace venture capitalist, joining the show to share his journey of becoming a regular runner at marathon events.

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