Winning in the Digital Age with Nitin Seth

I recently spoke with Nitin Seth on my show Manage Better. The show was live on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter and over 250 people watched it live. Here is a recording of the entire 45 mins chat.

My top moments from the chat:

1. We are in the Digital Age already and it is getting more #digital

2. Almost all #transformation today is #digitalbusinesstransformation or tech-enabled.

3. #digitisation is critical to #digital and large government enterprises have a huge opportunity to leapfrog generations of tech.

4. The new age #entrepreneur out of India could truly solve a global problem. This is true #globalisation

5. Nitin’s top favourite books of all time – The Srimad Bhagwad Gita and The Goal.

What were your #top5 moments from the show?

If you liked what Nitin spoke about you will love his book – Winning in the Digital Age.

During the week I will post a #podcast version for those who prefer audio. You can find archives of the show on my YouTube Channel or

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