Building a worthwhile Vision with Dr Oleg Konovolov

Dr. Oleg Konovalov and I met up yesterday for my LinkedIn Live show – Manage Better.

Oleg is called the Da Vinci of Visionary Leadership. Oleg is on the Thinkers50 and is #1 Global Thought Leader on Culture as rated by Thinkers 360.

He shared lessons he learnt across his teaching and while writing the bestseller – The Vision Code.

Some key lessons

1. Vision is a Responsibility. A commitment to a better future.
2. Be clear about your WHY
3. Vision comes when we are in consciousness about the benefit to others. It’s actions beyond the Self.
4. If all of us get better, humanity gets uplifted
5. Vision is the most powerful tool for Leaders to navigate into the future
6. If Vision does not INSPIRE, its not a Vision that people would feel invested in
7. Vision is a MUST Have for Organizations to be Incredible and Inspirational
8. The #1 mistake organizations make is to be too egoistic about their vision. Be humble.
9. What’s Greater? My Problems or My Goals ?
10. We all need a vision even if we are not a CEO.

Oleg also shared the 6 criteria test for a good vision. More on it in his book.

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