OKR – the why, what, and how of OKRs

#OKRs entered the business lexicon with the publication of #measurewhatmatters by John Doerr. Many small and large companies have now adopted OKRs and are achieving their #objectivesandkeyresults

I recently spoke to three of India’s top minds on OKRs – Vaidyanathan of OKR Stars, Sienam Lulla of OKR Edge, and Senthil Rajagopalan of Profit on my LinkedIn and YouTube show – Manage Better. The show had over 1000 registrations/subscriptions and was my most watched show to date. A quick summary:

1. OKRs are a #management method to help teams and companies achieve their #objectives.
2. #Keyresults are the ‘how much’ that was missing in earlier approaches that focus mainly on the ‘how’.
3. Spreadsheets are not enough to track objectives and key results.
4. #Alignment is the superpower of OKRs
5. While a tool/software is very important, a Coach is critical for the #execution of OKRs.

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