Innovation tips from Tata Group

Ravi Arora was my guest for my LinkedIn Live show this week. He is head of Innovation at Tata Group and is responsible for several innovative programs.

We explored:

– Innovation needs to be defined by the company as context is critical
– Product innovation tends to get more limelight than process innovation as process related innovation does not find a mention in the financial statements
– B2C innovation is noticed more than the ones in B2B
– What is needed to support innovation programs. It is certainly not money
– Innovators need parents at work kind of support. Remember when we taught our kids how to ride a cycle. Each fall was a pathway to success.

Among the highlights of the talk was

– the Sherpa analogy Ravi used to explain how we need to take care of innovators.

– Dare To Try awards within the Tata group. These awards focus on the initiatives that did not work and what lessons were learnt. Dare To Try is over a decade old now and is a key reason why the culture in the group is now to take innovation head on.

The session was live on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook. Ravi also took questions and we are grateful for his kindness.

Check recording below for the entire show or click her for YouTube

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