Effective Professional Networking tips from Pankaj Rai

Pankaj Rai (He/Him) is like any of us. He works for Wells Fargo. Has a day job and does it well. But he is different. He is a maser networker and has made professional networking into an art and science.

I spoke to Pankaj recently to understand his Why and How of Networking. It is available on #buzzsprout and other leading players. Buzzsprout link is in the post and other links are:

Apple | Spotify | Google | Buzzsprout

Pankaj is a master networker with a difference. He seeks to help and give first. And there lies the key to networking!

Some nuggets

1. Be of service but have a purpose to connect
2. Networking is not a maths exercise. Your give and take doesn’t have to add up
3. Don’t be too shy to reach out but just don’t say Hi!
4. Connect to learn and grow not just gain
5. Don’t be scientific and make a ritual out of it. Enjoy and have fun while you build a network.

Video will be posted soon. You can subscribe to get an alert now.

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