Effective Communication and Public Speaking with Aalok Gupta

The #managebetter  podcast hosted Aalok Gupta a speaker of international repute and master public speaker. Aalok is one of the most effective communicators I know. He has straddled atleast five career changes and mastered them all. His passion for helping people achieve their potential is unmissable when you talk to him. He is an award winning speaker and public speaking coach.

His advice includes how to speak with clarity, context, and confidence. He has shared tips on prioritizing sound over image and embracing the #toastmasters program to get better.

No one learnt swimming by reading. Everyone has to practice it. It is the same for effective communication and public speaking – Aalok Gupta.

The podcast is now available on Google, Apple, and Spotify. Search for ‘Manage Better with Anshuman Tiwari’ on these players or follow the link on my #Buzzsprout site. All episodes available as a video on YouTube as well. Will share link in comments.

Podcast (You might see a login page. You do not have to log in. There is a ‘Listen Now’ link on the page and it works without login)

Find the Video to the interview here.

And of course, all episodes also on my website www.managebetter.in

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