Digital Transformation Roadmap

\I spoke recently with Nina Muhleisen of Three6, a digital transformation consulting firm based in Melbourne.

In this episode of my #managebetter#podcast I speak with Nina Muhleisen, founder and principal consultant at three6 a Digital Transformation specialist in Melbourne.

We discussed a #roadmap for #digitalbusinesstransformation and Nina shared concepts and anecdotes on what works well. Nina also shares a roadmap that she uses with her clients and also shares examples of how to implement the roadmap. Some insights:

1. You don’t need a definition of Digital Transformation. You need #execution
2. Start small. Assess current situation and customize the plan.
3. Digitization precedes Digital Transformation.
4. 100 day plans work the best. Build and deploy. Stabilise and Reap. Repeat.
5. Keep learning from others and commit to something new each year

Get a window in the minds of one of Australia’s finest Digital Transformation consultants when you listen to this episode.

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